Table 1
Brand  Promo Code Discount
 AEM Electronics  5OFFAEM  5% Off All AEM Electronic Products!
 AEM Induction  5OFFAEM  5% Off All AEM Products
 Aeromotive  SEE CART  Up to 15% OFF all Aeromotive Products! Discount Applied
 aFe afe5off  5% Off All aFe Products! Discount Applied
 Agency Power  10OFFAG  10% OFF All Agency Power Products!
 Alta Performance  SEE CART  Up to 15% Off All Alta Parts! Discount Applied
 APEXi  SEE CART  Up to 20% Off All APEXi Products! Discount Applied
 Auto Meter  SEE CART  5% OFF All Auto Meter Products! Discount Applied
 Belltech  5OFFBT  5% Discount on ALL Belltech Suspension Products
 Blox Racing 10OFFBLOX  10% OFF All Blox Racing Products!
 Carillo  5OFFCRL  5% Off ALL Carillo Products!
 Centerforce  5OFFCF  5% Off ALL Centerforce Products!
 Centric  5OFFCEN  5% Off All Centric Products!
 Clutch Masters  SEE CART  15% OFF All Clutch Masters Clutches & Flywheels! Discount Applied
 Cometic  5OFFCOM  Take an Additional 5% off All Cometic Products!
 Competition Clutch  SEE CART  20% OFF All Competition Clutch Flywheels and Clutches! Discount Applied
 CORSA  SEE CART  15% OFF All Corsa Products! Discount Applied
 CP Pistons  5OFFCP  5% OFF All CP Pistons Products!
 DBA   SEE CART  15% OFF All DBA Brake rotors and Pads! Discount Applied
 DeatschWerks  5OFFDW  5% OFF All DeatschWerks products!
 DiabloSport  20OFFDS  20% OFF All DiabloSport Products!
 EBC Brakes  SEE CART  Up to 5% OFF All EBC Brake rotors and Pads! Discount Applied
 Edge Products  15OFFEDGE  15% OFF All Egde Products!
 Eibach  SEE CART  Up to 20% OFF All Eibach Suspension Products! Discount Applied
 Energy Suspension  SEE CART  15% OFF All Energy Suspension Components! Discount Applied
 Enkei  SEE CART  Up to 25% OFF All Enkei Wheels! Discount Applied
 Flex-a-Lite   10OFFFLEX  10% OFF All Flex-a-Lite Products!
 Flowmaster  10OFFFLOW  10% OFF All Flowmaster products!
 FUELAB   SEE CART  5% OFF All FUELAB Products! Discount Applied
 Gorilla Auto   SEE CART  20% OFF All Gorilla Auto Products! Discount Applied
 Gram Lights   SEE CART  5% OFF All Gram Lights Wheels! Discount Applied
 GReddy   SEE CART  Up to 15% OFF All GReddy Products! Discount Applied
 GrimmSpeed   SEE CART  5% OFF All GrimmSpeed Products!
 GSC Power Division  SEE CART  Up to 20% OFF All GSC Power Division Products!
 GTSPEC   SEE CART  10% OFF All GTSPEC Products!
 H&R   SEE CART  10% OFF ALL H&R Products!
 Hawk    5OFFHAWK  5% OFF All Hawk Brake Pads!
 HKS   SEE CART  Up to 15% OFF All HKS Products!
 Hotchkis   SEE CART  Up to 20% OFF All Hotchkis Products!
 Husky Liners   SEE CART  5% OFF All Husky Liners Floor Mats!
 Hypertech   SEE CART  Up to 20% OFF All Hypertech Products!
 Injen   SEE CART  20% OFF All Injen Products!
 Invidia   5OFFINV  5% OFF All Invidia Exhaust Products!
 ISC   10OFFISC  10% Discount on All ISC Coilovers!
 K&N   5OFFKN  5% OFF All K&N Intakes and Filters!
 Killer B Motorsport   SEE CART  Up to 5% Discount on ALL KIller B Products!
 Koyo   SEE CART  10% OFF All Koyo Products!
 KW Suspension   SEE CART  10% Discount on All KW Products!
 Magnaflow   5OFFMAG  5% OFF All Magnaflow Products! - Expires 3/31/16
 Mishimoto   5OFFMISHI  5% OFF ALL Mishimoto Cooling Products!
 Mr gasket   SEE CART  5% Discount on All Mr Gasket Products!